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1.Define “coulomb” on the basis of coulomb’s law. (Mar.06,oct 10)
2. Why is it safer to be inside a car than standing under a tree during lightning?   (Mar 06 June 06 09Mar10)
3. State Gauss’ law in electrostatics.(June 06,  Oct 06, Mar09)
4. What is meant by electric polarisation?  (or) dielectric polarization. (Oct 06, 09)
5. Define electric potential at a point. (Mar 07, June 09)
6. What is a polar molecule? Give any two examples. (Mar 07)
7. State Coulomb’s  law  in electrostatics. (June o 07, Mar 10, June 10)
8. What is corona discharge? What are its advantages? (June 07, Oct  08)
9. Write the applications of Capacitor. (Oct 07)
10. What do you mean by “Additive nature of charge”? Give an example. (Oct 07)
11. Three capacitors  each of capacitance 9PF are connected in series. What is the total capacitance of the combination, if the combination is connected to 120 V supply? (Mar 08)
12. What is electrostatic shielding ? (Mar 08)
13. Define electric flux.  Give its unit (June 08)
14. Explain the working of a microwave oven. (June 08)
15. Calculate the effective capacitance of the combination shown in the figure. (Oct 08)
16. What is an electric dipole? Define electric dipole moment? (Oct 09)
17. What is a capacitor? Define its capacitance?( M ar 09)
18. Mention any three properties of electric lines of force. (June 10)
19. What is non-polar molecule? Give example. (Oct 10)
20. What is an equipotential  surface?
21. What is a dielectric and write the effect of dielectric?

22. State Ohm’s law. (Mar 06, Oct 07, 09, Mar 10)
23. In the following circuit, calculate the current through the circuit.  Mention its direction. (Mar 06)
24. State Faraday’s law ;of electrolysis  (Mar 06, June 10, Oct 10)
25. Write any three ;applications of superconductors.  (Jkune 06, Oct 06, June 07, Oct 07)
26. A manganin wire of length 2 m has a diameter of 0.4 mm with a resistance of 70 ohm.  Find the resistivity of the material.  (June 06)
27. State Kircfhhoffs (i) current law and (ii) voltage law.  (June 06, March 08)
State  Kirchhoffs second law for electrical network? (March 09)
28. Define mobility of electrons.  Write its unit.  (Oct 06, Mar 08, 09)
29. Three resistors are connected in series with 10 V supply as shown in the figure.  Find the voltage drop  across each resistor.  (Oct 06, June 10)
30 .State Kirchhoff’s voltage law (Mar 07)
31. Define Drift velocity.  (Mar 07, Oct 08, June 09, Oct 09, Mar 10, Oct 10)
32. The resistance of a platinum wire at 0 degree C 4 ohm.  What will be the resistance of the wire at 100 degree C if the temperature coefficient of resistance of platinum is 0.0038% C?
33.  The resistance of a nichrome wire at 0 degree C is 10 ohm.  If its temperature coefficient of resistance is 0.004%C, find its resistance at boiling point of water.  Comment on the result.
(June 07, Oct 07, Mar 08, June 09, Oct 10)
34. Define temperatrure coefficient of resistance. (June 08)
35. Distinguish between electric power and electric energy.  (June 08, 09)
36. An iron box of 400W power is used daily for 30 minutes.  If the cost per unit is 75 paise, find the weekly expense on using the iron box.  (June 08)
37 What are the applications of secondary cells?  (Oct 08)
38. In the given circuit, what are the total resistance and current supplied by the battery? (Oct 09)
39. Two wires of same material and length have resistances and respectively.  Find the ratio of radii of the two wires.  (Mar 09)
40. What are the changes observed at transition temperature when the conductor becomes a superconductor? (June 10)
41. Why is copper wire not suitable for a potentiometer
42. Why automobile batteries have low internal resistance.
43. What is electrical Resistivity and conductivity.
44. What  are superconductors.

45. What are the limitations of electron microscope?  (Mar 06, 09)
46. Write any three uses of photoelectric cells. (June 06, Mar 10, Oct 10)
47. What are intertial and non-inertial frames of reference? (Oct 06, Mar 08)
48. Mention the uses of electron microscope. (Mar 07)
49. What is the de Broglie wavelength of an electron of kinetic energy 120 eV? (June 07, 08)
50. State the postulates of special theory of relativity.  (Oct 07, June 09)
51. Calculate the threshold wavelength of certain metal of work function 1.8 e V. (Oct 08)
52. Define stopping potential. (Oct 09)
53. According to classical mechanics, what is the concept of time? (June 10)
54. What is called Frame of reference?
55. What is photoelectric effect?
56. What is Lorentz- Fitzgerald contraction?
57. What are the concepts of time and mass in classical mechanics.

                          NUCLEAR PHYSICS

58. What is alpha-decay?  Give an example.  (Mar06)
59. What is pair production and annihilation of matter? (Mar 06, June 06, Mar 07)
60. Write any three properties of neutron. (June 06, Mar 08)
61. Write any three conclusions obtained from Binding energy curve. (Oct 06, Mar 07)
62. Define curie  (Oct 06, Mar 08, 10, Oct 10)
63. The half-life of radon is 3.8 days.  Calculate its mean life.  (Oct 09, June 10)
64. Define roentgen. (June 07, Oct 08)
65. Write a note on Leptons. (June 07)
66. What is the use of a control rod in the reactor?  Mention any two control rods.  (Oct 07)
67. What are cosmic rays?  (June 08, 10)
68. Define critical size and critical mass.  (Oct 08)
69. What is meant by breeder reactor?  (March 09)
70. Write any three properties of unclear force.  (June 08, March 09)
71. How do you classify the neutrons in terms of its kinetic energy? (June 09)
72. What is Binding energy of nucleus?  (Oct 09)
73. Tritium has a half-life of 12.5 years.  What fraction of the sample will be
            left over after 25 years?  (March 10)
74. What is mass defect?  (Oct 10)
75. What do you mean by artificial radio activity?
76. What are isobars and isotones?
77. Distinguish between natural radioactivity and artificial radioactivity?

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