Friday, May 8, 2009


PART-I Answer all the questions:- 15X3=45
1. State coulomb’s law in electrostatics
2. Define electric field. How will you detect it?
3. State any four properties of electric lines of force.
4. State the applications of property of attraction or repulsion between charged bodies.
5. Define equipotential surface.
6. State of conservation of charges.
7. Define polar molecule. Give example.
8. Define gauss law.
9. Define one farad.
10. Define torque experienced by dipole in uniform electric field.
11. Define capacitance of a conductor.
12. Define electric dipole and dipole moment. Write its units.
13. Define one coulomb.
14. Differentiate conductors and insulators.
15. What is carona discharge? What are its advantages?
PART –II Answer all the questions:- 3X5=15
1. Define electric lines of force. State properties of electric lines of force.
2. State and obtain expression for coulomb’s law in electrostatics
3. Write a note on lightning conductor.
PART –III Answer all the questions:- 2X10=20
1. Define Gauss law. using gauss law derive expression for (i) field due to two parallel charged sheet.(ii) field due to infinte charged plane sheet.
2. Derive an expression for effective capacitance of capacitors connected in series and parallel.

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