Friday, May 8, 2009


PART-I Answer all the questions:- 15X3=45
1. Define electric field intensity. Write its units.
2. Define potential difference. Write its units.
3. Define electric potential energy.
4. Define gauss law.
5. What is electrostatic shielding.
6. Define capacitance of a conductor.
7. Define non-polar molecule. Give example.
8. Define one farad.
9. What is electrostatic induction.
10. What do you mean by quantization of charges?
11. Define one coulomb.
12. Define electric lines of force.
13. Define electric dipole moment. Write its unit.
14. Write a note on microwave oven
15. Define torque experienced by dipole in uniform electric field.
PART –II Answer all the questions:- 3X5=15
1. Using gauss law obtain an experssion for field due to infinte charged plane sheet.
2. Write a note on lightning conductor.
3. What are dielectrics? Explain the effect of placing dielectric slab in between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor.
PART –III Answer all the questions:- 2x10=20
1. Obtain an expression for electric field due to an electric dipole at a point on its
axial line.
2. State the principal and explain the construction and working of vande-graff generator.

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