Friday, May 8, 2009



PART-I Answer all the questions:- 15X3=45
1. State the applications of property of attraction or repulsion between charged bodies.
2. What are the applications of capacitors?
3. State coulomb’s law in electrostatics.
4. Define electric field. How will you detect it?
5. Explain the principle of superposition.
6. Define electric lines of force.
7. State any four properties of electric lines of force.
8. What is an equipotential surface?
9. Define electric flux.give its unit.
10. What is meant by dielectric polarization?
11. Distinguish between electric potential and potential difference
12. Write a note on microwave oven
13. Differentiate conductors and insulators.
14. What is carona discharge? What are its advantages?
15. Why it is safer to be inside a car than standing under a tree during lightning?
PART –II Answer all the questions:- 3X5=15
1. State and obtain expression for coulomb’s law in electrostatics.
2. Define electric lines of force. State properties of electric lines of force.
3. Derive an expression for effective capacitance of capacitors connected in series.
PART-III Answer all the questions:- 2X10=20
1. Obtain an expression for electric field due to an electric dipole at a point on its
Equatorial line.
2. Derive an expression for capacitance of parallel plate capacitor.(i)with dielectric
(ii)without dielectric

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